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AGLOW Deutschland gehört zur weltweiten AGLOW-Bewegung, die von einem internationalen Vorstand mit Hauptsitz in den USA geleitet wird. In dieser Rubrik finden Sie News, Konferenzmitschnitte und Videos von AGLOW International in englischer Sprache.

Open Your Heart – Watch God Work

Open your heart and let God flow

Here is an excerpt from Jane Hansen Hoyt Today.    Watch Him Work

Something that I feel is important is to bring all of our expectations to the Lord. Bring them to the foot of the cross. It's simply laying down your life and opening your heart. An open heart is key. Open your heart and let God flow in – out with people, and circumstances, and things. Don't try to control it all. Yield up control and let Him know that you know He's in control. His heart for you is always good, and His desire for you is to grow up into Christ, to be like Christ in all ways.

We don't always do that. We all have places in our hearts that He's working on. Yield your life, yield your circumstances, yield your entire being to God and let Him have control. Let go in a new way and watch Him work. It's fun, it's interesting, to see what God will do over and above you. It makes you realize how much He cares about every nuance, every aspect of your life. He's working for you, not against you. Just let Him work. Watch Him work.

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Prophetic Boot Camp  

Sherry Anderson, Aglow Florida State Leader, holds Prophetic Boot Camp seminars hosted by the Area Teams in Florida as leadership training.
The most recent event was in July. Sherry began by sharing the things that hinder hearing God speak to us: the doubts, negative talk about our ability to hear Him, and our history and experiences from the past, including occult involvement. She explained how to claim our baggage and deal with it.     read more

ORADORES – Aglow Conference Website

Aglow speaker for the 2023 'Glory Rising' conference, Tim Sheets shares how Moses discovered firsthand, hope deferred can be deep, long and horrible. Yet, after 40 years of exile, he discovered that God had been preparing him for his moment in history.

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Bluff Hill New Zealand

Bluff Hill New Zealand

All over the earth, God is moving! And especially in New Zealand! On a recent cold morning, members of Aglow went up Bluff Hill and to other high points in Napier, praying for revival. One specific request was that the younger generation would have fire in their bellies. Another specific request was that Godly people with integrity would be elected in the upcoming elections in October.

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Follow Peace


Here are some thoughts from Jane Hansen-Hoyt’s FaceBook page.
My father was a pastor, and of course I loved him dearly because he was my dad, but I esteemed him highly because of the way he studied, sought God, preached and taught. He was a great man of God, and I listened and loved when he spoke.

I remember asking him at one point, "How do you know that you're in the will of God? What does that feel like?" Have you ever grappled with that? You think, "Am I in the right place? Am I doing it right? Am I doing enough?" I'll never forget his answer. It was so simple. He said, "Follow your peace."

I want to encourage you today that no matter what stands before you, follow peace.

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gloryRising HOME BANNER 20230315

Welcome to the official website for our 2023 Aglow Global Conference. In these uncertain times, God is reminding us that our best days are still ahead. Together we are stepping into the fullness of our destiny, both individually and corporately. We’re not stepping in with timidity and uncertainty, but with a confidence that comes from knowing that He has been equipping and preparing us for this day.

Registration for this event is now open. See below for registration options, and we'll look forward to seeing YOU in Jacksonville!

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Evangelism in Cameroon

Evangelism in Cameroon  Earlier in 2023, Joh Paglan, a co-leader of the Generations Group in Yaounde, Cameroon, sent a report telling of God’s faithfulness as members of the group go to the highways and byways. John said, “Our outreach was very extensive and we shared the Gospel of Jesus with more than 5,000 souls. Nearly 2,200 gave their lives to Jesus! We find that the harvest is ripe for gathering in, but the laborers are few, just as the Bible declares. 

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Trinidad and Tobago Retreat

Trinidad and Tobago Retreat   Trinidad and Tobago had a successful weekend retreat. The theme was Divine Encounters and included ministry, empowerment, and an outreach project within the Acono community where they partnered with a local church to prepare bags of essentials to help those in need.

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Video DutchAs the Aglow staff watched Dutch Sheets' Sunday morning message from St. Louis during our weekly Headquarters staff meeting, Jane stopped the video at a particular place and said, “This needs to be shared as far and wide as possible.” What could Dutch say that would move Jane so powerfully? Listen in and hear as Dutch defines who Aglow is in the earth and encourages us to step into the massive call God has for us in the nations of the world. Our prophetic words are connecting to their moment and are coming into focus right in front of our eyes. 


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Here you can find the messages from the last Aglow international conference in St. Louis/USA

2022 Aglow Conference theme    



Das Reich Gottes ist nahe

Ron Cantor His Kingdom 2023


Am 20.01. und 21.21.2023 findet die europäische Aglow Leiterkonferenz statt. Auch in diesem Jahr wieder über Zoom mit deutschsprachiger Übersetzung. Das Thema der Konferenz lautet: „Das Reich Gottes ist nahe" mit Ron Cantor als Hauptsprecher.

Wer gerne daran teilnehmen möchte kann eine Email an das Aglow Büro Deutschland schicken und erhält die Zugangsdaten. 

Die Konferenz findet am Freitag, den 20. Januar um 19:30 Uhr (MEZ), und Samstag, den 21. Januar um 14:00 Uhr und wieder um 19:00 Uhr (MEZ) statt.


#JaneHansenHoytToday new year g4203e6ffa 1920 Watch, as Jane shares how the water level rises when we begin to speak what Heaven speaks. Let it rise in you as you follow the Spirit in 2023. It's going to be a year of new insights, new revelations and a quickening of His Spirit within us. It's going to be a good year! 

christmas ge6d80714a 1920#JaneHansenHoytToday Aglow President and CEO Jane Hansen Hoyt reminds us that God is looking to us for purity, innocence and simplicity, and these are things He can use. Merry Christmas from Aglow International!

Burkina Faso Outreach

2022 8 2 burkina faso

Aglow Burkina Faso National President shared with us a recent outreach story that took place in April. “In His Grace, the Lord allowed us to visit the internally displaced with donations, even though Burkina is still threatened by terrorism.”
There was a total of 70 women, 51 men, and 231 children in attendance. At the end of the ceremony, we were able to talk about Jesus to the women and 12 gave their lives to Jesus. Glory to God!

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The Power Of Prayer

2022 8 11 samthar

Our Aglow sisters in Samthar, India planned a prayer walk in May of this year. These 20 faith-filled women set out in the early morning from Kalimpong Pudung East Gate. As the Holy Spirit led, they began to pray mainly against the powers of darkness in the areas where many strongholds, like temples, are along the way.

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A letter from Jane      5. August 2022

IMG 20210527 WA0000

I love to include hymns in my worship time. One that crosses my lips frequently is On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand. Could we take a moment now and lift these words as a decree of our trust in Him?

The Aglow Story - Spirit born, Spirit led Since 1967

Interviews with early leaders tell the story of Aglow's birth and significant events in the history of the ministry. Also contains a personal and emotional look, through the eyes of key leaders, at who Aglow will be as we launch into the next fifty years of Aglow.

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Aglow Story in YouTube Aglow International Channel.

3 - 6 November 2022 - St. Louis, MO

Aglow International Conference 2022

Aglow International is a Transformational Kingdom Culture with mindsets not of this world.

As a Kingdom Movement, we are committed to seeing God's will done on earth as it is in Heaven by raising up champions and warriors across the earth who will bring freedom to the oppressed while providing opportunities for everyone in our spheres of influence to grow into radiant relationships with each other, as well as, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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1 July 2022

A Partner with The King

#JaneHansenHoytToday - Do you sometimes find yourself in situations with people that cause something to rise in you that is not the Holy Spirit? In this fresh look at a previous message, Aglow President & CEO, Jane Hansen Hoyt, prays, "Oh for grace to trust You more." Listen as Jane reminds us that Jesus encourages us to give of Him by giving freely of ourselves. Put your expectations on the altar and let His "Grace" be at work in your life today.

3 June 2022

A Partner with The King

#JaneHansenHoytToday - This week's episode is a fresh look at a message that Jane shares about a profound experience with the Lord. Listen as Aglow President and CEO, Jane Hansen Hoyt touches us with an emotional story and a heartfelt encouragement to tabernacle ourselves with the Lord.

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